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The Burghley Young Event Horse Series has been a popular element of Burghley Horse Trials for over 25 years and is still acknowledged as the shop window to view potential four star horses at an early age.

Open to four and five-year-olds, the aim of the Series is to encourage breeders and trainers to produce and present the type of young horse which will be considered to be the best material to make a world class three-day event horse.

The judges look for an athletic, loose moving horse with a promising jumping technique and attitude which, with correct training and production, will develop physically and mentally into a strong three-day eventer.

The winner is that with the highest overall marks from four sections:

Section 1 Dressage Marked out of 30
Section 2 Jumping

Up to 0.90m for 4 yr olds

Up to 1.05m for 5 yr olds

Marked out of 40
Section 3 Confirmation and Quality Marked out of 20
Section 4 Suitability and Potential 1 – 10 Marks

Dressage: each horse performs a simple dressage test to show its paces to demonstrate obedience, suppleness and correct, elastic and regular gaits. Marks are not awarded for individual movements.


Jumping: follows immediately after the dressage. Judges are looking for a bold athletic horse with good technique. A horse with these qualities should not necessarily be penalised for knocking down one fence (or even a four year old having one refusal), providing he learns from his mistake. However, a fall of horse or rider or three cumulative refusals will result in elimination.


Conformation and Quality: horses are assessed in hand. Their build and type should enable them to withstand the demands of the sport in terms of soundness, speed and stamina.


Suitability and Potential: only the top ten highest scoring horses from sections I – III are invited to come forward to be judged for potential international quality to make a World Class Three Day Event Horse. The horses are brought into line in the order that the judge sees their potential. Ten marks will be awarded to the horse that the judge brought in first, 9 to the second, 8 to the third, etc down to 1 mark to the tenth horse. These marks are added to those from the previous 3 sections to establish the winner


One horse per 15 starters at today’s event will qualify for the Dubarry Burghley Young Event Horse Finals which take place at The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials in September. For advanced bookings and further information on The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials see


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